Alchemy for the Soul Tribe meetings
Exclusive for Book Club Followers and Souls in search to heal their ancestral past through Family Constellations.

Hello brave walker of this soul’s journey for healing and transcendence. I am very excited to get to meet you and connect through Zoom.

I see that many of you have been following our "Alchemy for the Soul’s Book Club". We are glad to have you as part of our tribe. Thank you for your presence during our Lives meetings every Friday through Youtube, Facebook, and/or Instagram. It inspires me to continue sharing information that can help us create a change for all. 

I also see that many of you want to know more and experience Family Constellations. Welcome to this possibility and experience where we learn, heal, and grow together as one. 

Join us if this invitation resonates with you. 

Our next encounter will be on October 19th at 8 PM EST.  The intention of this meeting is that we can grow in a tribe and feel supported through our journey of healing and transcendence.

This Zoom meeting is FREE, but space is limited, so register to participate now!

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With love,


October 19th
8 pm.

About Maya

MAYADARI DEL SOL is a Therapist in Family and Systemic Constellations, Founder of Systemic Healing Institute, a training certification program on Family Constellations in two languages, English and Spanish, Author of a book called Alchemy for the Soul available in English and Spanish, and Coach of two programs for the transformation of limiting beliefs and unconscious memories called The Soul’s Journey and The Hero’s Journey

After going through a turning point in her life that impacted not only her physical body but deeply her soul, she embarked on a journey of healing. To do this, Maya understood that to heal the body it was necessary to heal the mind, the unconscious memories of her childhood, and the unresolved memories of her ancestors, which are the roots of most of the limitations that affect the individual’s development in different areas such as relationships, health, finances, prosperity, and success. 


Today, Maya is dedicated to facilitating individual and group therapy, online and on-site, and to the training of people who want to help serve Life through the healing modality of the Family Constellations.

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